Timber Products
We Deliver Confidence.

As a responsible partner, TP delivers to clients, employees, and the industries we serve the confidence to drive value through the effective use of our diverse professional team.

TP is now accredited to audit Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) manufacturers by The International Accreditation Service (IAS) as a Type A inspection body under ISO 17020. 

CLT is a product that is made by laying up alternating layers of dimension lumber perpendicular to each other, resulting in a panel that has high strength, stability and rigidity properties.  CLT has long been in use in Europe and is now beginning to be made and used in the US as well.     

Auditing Services

TP has been providing quality inspections for the forest products industry for over 50 years. TP’s expertise includes Engineered Wood Products, Export Wood Packaging – ISPM15, Glulam, Log Homes, Panels & Plywood, Truss, Treated Wood, Lumber Grading including Transient Lumber, Wood Pellets and Utility Poles.

Analytical Services

TP has three state of the art laboratories that specialize in the analysis of physical properties of lumber, solid biomass fuels, and wood preservatives including environmental analysis. Accredited to ISO 17025, TP can assist with routine quality control, as well as providing certifications.

Engineering Services

Our professional staff brings their expertise to your structural design and building inspection needs.  From residential and commercial structural design, to ongoing construction monitoring and inspection, TPE has your next project covered.

TP Technical Services

Understanding the forest products industry and how the manufacturing process works is what drives TPTS. We bring innovative solutions for quality control, along with the training resources that keep your business up to date with current technology and information.