TIMBER PRODUCTS Utility Poles & Crossarms

Since 1982, Timber Products Inspection (TP) has served as a monitoring agency for the Wood Quality Control (WQC) Program, a subsidiary of the NRECA as a quality assurance program designed specifically for new poles and crossarms.  This multi-tiered quality assurance program verifies the conformance of wood poles and crossarms throughout the production process, as well as at destination sites.

What makes our program top-notch?

Attention to Detail.

The WQC inspection staff monitors, on a continuing basis, the performance of each product throughout the entire process. Our highly qualified staff of field inspectors audit poles or crossarms for conformance to treatment in the “white” stage to confirm the material meets size, grade and branding requirements. The materials are inspected for treatment, including the proper retention and penetration of preservative.  If the product meets all necessary criteria, the TP inspector then hammer brands both ends of the wood.   We make sure all specifications are met.
Included in the comprehensive WQC program are various levels of protection:

  • Audits of in-plant performance
  • Audits at destinations
  • An overview of work performance in these areas

In addition to this service, TP performs inspections and audits for individual clients outside of the WQC program.  Give us a call today for more information – and to get TP working for you!


For More Information Please Contact:

Tad Cleve
Vice President Timber Products Technical Services