The Analytical Laboratory at Timber Products Inspection (TP) is specially designed to meet the needs of the lumber and treating industry. As an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, we offer the highest level of service and professionalism. With over three decades of experience, our chemists can deliver the accurate, quick results that you need. Specializing in the evaluation of wood preservatives, our laboratory provides a wide range of services including environmental analysis and certification assistance – all geared to keep your business moving forward.

Some of our services provided by our Analytical laboratory staff include:

  • Evaluation of wood preservatives
  • Environmental analysis
  • Certification assistance
  • Efficacy evaluations
  • On-site equipment calibration

TP’s Environmental and Efficacy laboratory is also fully accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) to perform all testing per ICC AC326 which is the Acceptance Code requirements for Proprietary Wood Preservative systems. This includes both In-Lab and Field testing which allows customers the luxury of one stop testing for any new potential preservative systems. TP currently has field plots in Gainesville, Fl., San Luis, Costa Rica, New Orleans, LA, and Hilo, Hawaii.

Please click here for a copy of our IAS Certificate of Accreditation.

TP’s field testing consists of 4 separate plots. Testing is based on the Scheffer Index which is a formulation using the amount of rainfall and number of days of rain to determine decay factors. The higher the Scheffer Index, the better the site is for decay testing. Hilo, Hawaii currently has the highest index of anywhere around. 
Gainesville, Florida: Estimated Scheffer Index of 300-325. This is an excellent location for soft rot decay studies and reticulate termite evaluations.
Hilo, Hawaii: Estimated Scheffer Index of 375-380. This site has the highest index and is mainly used for the testing of decay and mold. The high Scheffer Index indicates this site is best suited for any type of decay or mold testing. 
New Orleans, Louisiana: Estimated Scheffer Index of 150-175. This site is mainly used for testing of the Formosan termite, which is extremely active at this site. 
San Luis, Costa Rica: Estimate Scheffer Index of 325-350. Due to the high humidity and rainfall, this is an excellent site for testing of soft rot decay

For More Information Please Contact:

David Jones, PhD
Director of Treated Wood & Laboratories