Timber Products Inspection, Inc. (TP) and its laboratories are accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) and American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC).  TP’s accreditations include inspection services for both preservative treated and fire retardant treated products.  As the largest independent agency for treated material, TP represents the majority of all treated wood manufacturing facilities nationwide.

A TP Subscriber’s personnel and facilities are initially certified and continually monitored by TP’s field representatives who conduct monthly, unannounced inspections to ensure compliance.  These inspections are conducted in accordance with the applicable industry standards (e.g., American Wood Protection Association [AWPA] or International Code Council Evaluation Service [ICC-ES]) and demonstrate conformance of the facility’s qualified products. These qualified products can be identified by the TP Quality Mark which is typically found on an ink stamp or a plastic end tag.

In addition, TP can also perform lot inspections of specific material on as needed basis.  A certificate is then issued confirming conformance of the material to the applicable standard(s). TP can also monitor facilities and conduct lot inspections in accordance with the Western Wood Preserver’s Institute (WWPI) Best Management Practices (BMPs).

TP performs inspections for all major fire-retardant treated products, including qualifying inspections and routine monitoring inspections.              

treatedwood2.jpgTP offers many other services that complement our treated wood inspection services, including:

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TP Quality Mark Example

Major model building codes require material used in residential/commercial construction to include the identification of an accredited independent inspection agency. The TP Quality Mark used on treated wood is well recognized in the industry. Material bearing the TP Quality Mark is in a third party monitoring program in compliance with the requirements of the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) or the requirements of an Evaluation Services Report(ESR) issued by the International Code Council's Evaluation Service (ICC-ES).

  1. AWPA Standard Reference for AWPA Standardized Preservation System
  2. ICC-ES Evaluation Report (ESR) Number for ICC-ES Evaluated Preservative System
  3. AWPA Use Category
  4. Exposure Category or End-use Condition
  5. Preservative System
  6. Preservative Retention in pounds per cubic foot (pcf) - optional for ICC-ES preservatives
  7. Treating Company and Location
  8. Accredited Inspection Agency
  9. WWPI Checkmark (AWPA) or ICC-ES Logo (ESR)
  10. (optional) Trade Name or Company Logo
  11. (optional) Product Bar Code and/or Product Description
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