TIMBER PRODUCTS Specialized Biomass Auditing Programs

woodchips-small.jpgAre you working with a quality program that would benefit from a third-party independent audit?


At Timber Products, we understand the importance of product compliance.  The best way to ensure that a product is manufactured with consistent quality is with regular monitoring.   TP can customize a quality auditing program that will meet your needs, and the needs of your consumers.   


We start by reviewing your goals and discussing the desired outcome.   We then develop a plan to achieve the best results.  Factors to consider include:

  • Auditing frequency
  • Number of locations requiring auditing
  • Does the product we are auditing also require laboratory testing?
  • Do we need to develop specific lab test methods to achieve the desired outcome?


The forest products and related agricultural industries are vast, and there are many facets of these industries that would benefit from a specialize auditing program.  Examples of these products include:  wood chips; wood shavings; pelletized pet bedding; barbeque wood pellets; agricultural-based products including bird seed, and many other manufactured commodities.

For More Information Please Contact:

Chris Wiberg
Director of BEL Laboratories