TIMBER PRODUCTS Wood Pellet Auditing


Over the past decade, wood pellets have emerged as a viable fuel source.  What was once a small sector of the forest products industry, now has become a means to promote sustainable forestry while producing a renewable fuel for both residential and commercial/industrial use.  As this industry evolved, so did Timber Products (TP). 

TP developed the infrastructure to provide auditing and quality management services to meet the needs of existing wood pellet certification programs. 


Pellet Fuels Institute Standards Program:

TP serves as both a Certification and Inspection Body as well as a Testing Laboratory for wood pellet manufacturers who are interested in being qualified under the Pellet Fuels Institute Standards Program.  Our auditors will perform routine inspections per the program’s requirements to ensure a consistent product is being produced.  TP can also offer guidance for quality management programs and has an onsite laboratory to meet the third-party testing requirements. 

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ENplus Certification:

As the largest worldwide pellet certification scheme, ENplus covers the entire wood pellet supply chain, from production to end delivery.  In 2011 Biomass Energy Lab (BEL) was formed as a joint venture between Timber Products and Control Union USA to meet the needs of the wood pellet export market.  TP provides auditing, consulting and testing services thru BEL for ENplus needs.  BEL serves as both an inspection body and testing body for ENplus which is overseen by the European Pellet Council.

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TP and BEL are ready to guide you thru the wood pellet certification process.  Give us a call today to discuss which program best fits your needs! 

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