Timber Products Inspection (TP) proudly offers an in-house physical lab located at our corporate office headquarters in Conyers, GA. This extensive physical testing lab continues to expand in both equipment and facility size to meet industry demands for accurate third-party testing and test witnessing.

In demand both in the US and abroad, some of our services performed in our physical lab include:

  • Physical and mechanical properties of Pallets, Crates and Boxes
  • Full size lumber tests for finger joint and MSR strength loads
  • Structural engineered wood products testing for PS-1 and PS-2 products using approved ASTM test methods
  • Adhesive Bond Testing for new and revised US and Canadian Standards approval.
  • The lab also has approvals for plywood and structural panel testing for JAS (Japanese Standard and AS/NZS the Australian/New Zealand Standard.
  • For a list of all TP's accreditations please click here to review the IAS scope of Accreditations TL-295.

In addition to the above services, the physical lab also serves as a support group for other divisions in TP (finger-jointed lumber programs, MSR and MEL lumber, Glu-Lam, engineered products, and heat-treating).
Our lab is Accredited by IAS, JAS and ANSI for listed testing listed on our certificates.

  • See the scope of accreditations for a breakdown of all of the wood products and panels, physical properties and adhesives accreditation.
  • If you don't see the test method that you are looking for, please give us a call. We are always adding new testing and willing to look at what you need.

Click image for larger view of our equipment.

For More Information Please Contact:

David Jones, PhD
Director of Treated Wood & Laboratories