Since 1990, Timber Products Inspection (TP) has offered a comprehensive pallet auditing program. We use our vast industry knowledge to customize our program specific to the needs of our customers. The program is designed to evaluate and implement quality control assessments on lumber, pallets and processes. Each program may include elements such as pallet recycling and repair assessment, new pallet quality, bark exclusion and much more.

Following each inspection, we will provide you with a complete report including defects found, specification assessments and process auditing suggestions. Our dedicated office staff is always ready to take your call, and our database will give you all the information you need – right at your fingertips!

We also offer the following value added services:

  • Fastener testing
  • Chemical contamination testing
  • Export consultation

Let our expertise go to work for you.  Give us a call today and we’ll create a program designed specifically for your needs.

For More Information Please Contact:

Matt McGowan
Director of Wood Packaging