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Timber Products Inspection Corporate Headquarters

1641 Sigman Road
Conyers, GA 30012
Phone 770-922-8000
Fax 770-922-1290
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Career Opportunities

TP utilizes field representatives nationwide. To learn more click here.
To inquire about available career opportunities, please submit your contact information using the contact form above.

Contact the TP Management Team

Jay Moore
770-922-8000 ext 160

David Conner
Vice President of Operations
770-922-8000 ext 340

Patrick Edwards
Vice President of Engineering
770-922-8000 ext 153

Chris Wiberg
Vice President of Laboratories
770-922-8000 ext 164

Jeremy Williams
770-922-8000 ext 499

Teresa Thomson
Director of Accounting & Administration
770-922-8000 ext 131

Tad Cleve
Director of UPD & TP Innovations
770-922-8000 ext 480

Greg Pittman
Analytical Lab Division Manager
770-922-8000 ext 2632

Kelley Spence
Treated Wood Division Manager

Ronnie Bates
Field Manager
770-922-8000 ext 321

Chris Cox
Biomass Lab Manager
770-922-8000 ext 303

Andy Farish
Field Manager
770-922-8000 ext 351

Matt McGowan
WPM Manager
770-922-8000 ext 156

Johnny Mitcham
Stamp Shop Manager
770-922-8000 ext 126

Mike Russell
Plywood Division Manager

Darin Thompson
Physical Lab/OSB Manager
770-922-8000 ext 349