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  • With constant changes in the Forest Products Industry, it’s important to stay up to date with current information and technology to ensure your business runs smoothly. That’s where TPTS steps in. Our training classes bring you face to face with Industry Experts for both classroom and hands on training. Class sizes are limited, so make sure you register early!


    Lumber Grading Course (4 day course)

    TPTS is hosting a 4 day Lumber Grading Course October 16th-19th of 2018.  This course is designed for all personnel who are interested in becoming proficient in grading Softwood Lumber.    

    Registration Costs:  $550 per attendee

    Location: Bay Watch Resort & Conference Center, 2701 South Ocean Boulevard, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582   Note: The “Room Block” is available on 9/1/2018 through the 10/1/2018 and provides a reduced room rate and free buffet breakfast each morning. Contact the hotel directly at (843) 272-4600 for hotel rooms.



    October 15th - Participants can check in after 3:00pm and enjoy the local attractions that Myrtle Beach has to offer.

    October 16th - Class from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  We will focus on the basics of lumber grading (product differences, defect identification, knot structures, etc).

                              TP will host a reception from 5:30pm until 7:00pm for all participants

    October 17th - Class from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Participants will learn to grade different types of knots, using a variety of methods to ensure success.

    October 18th - Class from 8:00am to 5:00pm. We will continue with knot evaluations and begin working on other limited / prohibited defects.

                               TP will host a reception from 5:30pm until 7:00pm for all participants

    October 19th - Class from 8:00am to 3:00pm. We will use the first half of this day to re-cap and focus on areas that need additional time.  The last few hours will be focused on Grade optimization and how this training can be utilized to support these systems.


    Planer Setup & Troubleshooting (2 Day Course)

    Dates: TBD
    Location: TBD
    Registration Costs: $450 per registrant
    Class Size: 20 Max - the first 20 to register will be accepted.

    Course includes 1 day of classroom training and 1 day of hands on training. Participants will learn proper setup techniques, preventative maintenance fundamentals and abnormality identification/elimination.


    • Safety
    • Maintenance of a high speed planer system
    • Planer and infeed setup and alignment
    • Lubrication of planer bearings/auto lube system
    • Balancing
    • Bearing fits, spindles, pots & yokes
    • And more...



    Dry Kiln Operations Course (2 Day Course)

    Dates: TBD
    Location: TBD
    Registration Costs: $450 per registrant 
    Class Size: 20 max

    Participants will learn from industry experts the techniques necessary to maximize quality throughout the drying process. We will evaluate drying schedules and their impact on product quality as well as proper maintenance requirements. “Staying in control of the drying process is a challenge for kiln operators due to minimal visibility. Our goal is to provide the technical expertise combined with a suite of data collection tools to minimize this constraint.”



    Quality Management Course (2 Day Course)

    This course will introduce new technologies and sustainability processes that support the constant state of change we all face in managing the quality effort. Topics include statistical process controls, size control and an in-depth understanding of both current and new technologies in use throughout the manufacturing process. We have compiled a team of industry experts and brought them together for what promises to be a truly unique offering.
    Location: TBD
    Registration Costs: $450 per registrant 
    Class Size: 40 Max - the first 40 to register will be accepted.

    Companies and Facilitators: TBD


    Other Consultation Services

    • Lean Manufacturing Training and support  (On-site)
    • Dry Kiln Audits (On-site)
    • Full Mill Audits (On-site)
    • Quality Live ("Real Time", QC Data Collection Systems)



    For Questions or to Register - CLICK HERE
    Tad Cleve
    Direct 573-330-2173