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  • Reused/Pass Through Pallets 

  • Potential Pass Through Pallets
  • ALSC has advised that the term “Pass-Through” is not recognized by IPPC because ISPM 15 does not directly define it.  ISPM 15 does define a "Reused" pallet which by definition is synonymous with how the "Pass Through" pallet is defined.  Therefore, going forward we will consider the terms "Pass Through" and “Reused” as describing the same thing.

    ISPM 15 4.3.1 defines “Reused" (Pass Through) WPM as:

    "A unit of wood packaging material that has been treated and marked in accordance with this standard and that has not been repaired, remanufactured or otherwise altered does not require re-treatment or re-application of the mark throughout the service life of the unit."

    Typically it's a mixture of repaired and unrepaired pallets that will come into a recycler.  Facilities implementing a "Pass Through" program can sort these pallets and segregate those that qualify as "Reused" according to ISPM 15.  Any used pallets received at a facility that do not fit the definition of “Reused”, must have the marks obliterated.  This includes any pallets received by a facility that appear to have been previously repaired or altered.  Any used pallets that do not qualify as a pass through but need to be ISPM 15 conforming, will need to meet bark conformance and be re-treated before the treating facility's IPPC mark can be applied.  Used pallets that meet the definition of “Reused” can be shipped without re-treating or mark obliteration. Any facility monitored for ISPM 15 conformance may sort for "Pass Throughs" based on the "Reused" section of ISPM 15 but a written addendum should be in place to describe how these pallets are being processed.

    At any facility monitored for ISPM 15 conformance, it is important to note that regardless of who owns the pallets on site, any received used pallets that show signs of previous repair or altering, require obliteration of all old IPPC marks by ALSC. 

    Recyclers should have a good understanding of what signs of repair disqualify a pallet for the "Pass Through" program.  These include evidence of previous nailing, differences in components (age, color, size, species), new nails in components, multiple IPPC marks, presence of plugs, etc.  A pallet with any of these characteristics would be disqualifed from being considered a "Pass Through". 

  • Multiple Stamps on pallet indicating previous repair.

  • Pallet with plug indicating previous repair.
  • If you happen to see bark or illegible marks on pallets otherwise classified as “Reused”, these pallet(s) should be removed from the “Pass Through” inventory, the marks obliterated and the pallet(s) placed in the repaired inventory.  "Pass Through" pallets are not recorded as shipped footage in the related records because they do not bear the facility's IPPC mark.