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    Inspector Assistance Appreciated




    Inspectors visit mutiple locations each day and it is greatly appreciated when they receive assistance to complete their audits.  This includes:

    • Having records that are accessible (QC procedures, received & shipped logs, HT charts, etc.)
    • Forklift assistance to break down stacks of WPM to a manageable height for review.
    • Assistance in flipping pallets to prevent injury.
    • Access to stamps to check inventory and condition.
    • Access to interior of heat chamber to review probe condition and possibly placement in WPM. 

    Some of this can be challenging since inspections are unannounced and can occur during a hectic period of the day, but the more cooperation inspectors receive in these areas during an audit the quicker they can finish their work so a facility can get back to business as usual.  Your cooperation in these areas is always appreciated.


    Back by Popular Demand!




    Based on facility feedback we have brought back the smaller bark cards.  They have been updated to include the English or Spanish regulations that were provided on the larger card.  If you would like to receive some of these bark cards please contact your inspector or our Conyers office.  Please specify whether you want the English or Spanish translation when requesting.

  • So, what Footages do you record in the ISPM 15 Program?




    HT Lumber:

    All inbound HT lumber should be recorded as received HT inventory for ISPM 15 conformance.  A facility should confirm HT marks have been applied to the lumber on all loads received as HT material.  If the HT mark is missing the material cannot be considered heat treated and cannot be inventoried as such or used in the manufacture of WPM receiving the IPPC mark.  There is no paperwork that can be provided in lieu of the HT mark.  It must be legibly present on each piece of wood.

    Note:  If a facility is combining HT with Non-HT material in manufacturing WPM and heat treating everything onsite before applying the IPPC mark, it is unnecessary to record inbound HT lumber since it will be retreated after the WPM is manufactured.


    Any WPM that is marked with the IPPC stamp must have the related footage recorded for conformance in the program.  It does not matter whether the WPM is for domestic use only, if an IPPC mark is applied to any WPM, the footage must be recorded.  This applies to both IPPC and DUN marked material.  If there is no IPPC mark on the WPM, do not record the related footage as part of this program. 

    TP has forms to help facilitate this documentation and if you do not have these already please contact your inspector or our Conyers office so we can provide these to you.