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     Changes in Brazil?




    We have received several calls and emails asking for clarification on regulatory changes related to ISPM 15 in Brazil. In simple terms there is no change for producers of ISPM 15 conforming WPM. However, there have been companies who would send unmarked pallets to Brazil and have them fumigated there because they found it cheaper than buying treated pallets in their own country. Brazil is making efforts to stop this practice by refusing entry of shipments that do not arrive with ISPM 15 conforming WPM. This should be a benefit to all companies participating in the WPM program as it will end the practice of sending unmarked pallets there.

    Related to this is the issue of companies asking for additional documentation showing the WPM in the container is ISPM 15 conforming. Brazilian companies have found they can move their shipments through customs quicker if they have documentation identifying the WPM as ISPM 15 conforming. Brazil does not require it but without this documentation, shipments can be detained at port for Customs to physically open the container and check the WPM for the IPPC mark. If you have any further questions regarding the Brazilian program please let us know. 

  • Update on ISPM 15 Participating Countries

    Below is an updated list of countries participating in the ISPM 15 program:

    North America Africa
    United States*   Egypt
    Canada* Kenya
    Mexico Nigeria
    Latin America Seychelles
    Argentina South Africa
    Brazil Tanzania
    Chile Asia
    Costa Rica Australia
    Cuba China
    Dominican Republic India
    Ecuador Indonesia
    Guatamala Israel
    Honduras Japan
    Jamaica Jordan
    Nicaragua Lebanon
    Paraguay Malaysia
    Peru New Zealand
    Trinidad & Tobago Oman
    Venezuela Philippines
      South Korea
    Europe Sri Lanka
    European Union** Syria
    Norway Taiwan
    Switzerland Thailand
    Turkey  Vietnam



    *The U.S. and Canada currently maintain a bilateral agreement allowing for the movement of WPM across each other's border without ISPM 15 marks.

    **European Union - Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

    There are countries not on this list that are enforcing ISPM-15 without any published regulation. It is recommended to use ISPM-15 compliant wood packaging regardless of international destination.

    Content courtesy of the NWPCA.