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  • Thanksgiving Wreath

     Holiday Schedule

    The TP office will be closed on November 26th and 27th so we can enjoy Thanksgiving with our families.  The office will re-open on November 30th.  We are very grateful that you allow us to be of service to you.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!




  • The IPPC Mark and Other Information on WPM

  • When placing additional information near an IPPC mark, a determination should be made as to whether the information can be misinterpreted as being part of the mark itself.  The most common information that has this issue would be the terms "debarked" or "bark free".  These terms have a direct relationship with the IPPC program and can be confused as being part of the IPPC mark if placed right next to it.  In this situation, ALSC has stated that these terms need to be a minimum of 6" away from the IPPC mark to provide a distinct separation from it.  Information that does not require a 6" separation would be company names, dates, product numbers, WPM sizes, etc.  If you have any questions as to how close specific information should be to your IPPC mark please contact your inspector for clarification.     

  • More Than a Monitoring Service

  • While Timber Products is the largest monitoring agency in the U.S. for ISPM 15 conformance, we do so much more than this.  TP also:

    1. Maintains a physical lab to perform tests on WPM to determine their durability and effectiveness in the marketplace.
    2. Performs a variety of field audits based on provided criteria to ensure components and constructed WPM meet expectations.
    3. Performs chemical testing to analyze components and WPM for foreign and/or unwanted substances.
    4. Supports the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association and assists them in their efforts to proactively develop solutions to issues the impact the wood packaging material industry.

    We strive to meet our company vision every day and hope this shows in the work we perform at each facility.  Please let us know if you would like further information related to the additional services offered above.