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  • TP Physical Lab Continues Expansion

    Timber Products Physical Lab continues to expand its operations.  The equipment pictured below is used for testing wood packaging material to industry standards and specifications.  We have also joined the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) and perform tests to a variety of these standards as well.  The information generated from our lab can be extremely beneficial to a company's sales and marketing efforts.  If your customer has technical requirements for the wood packaging material they purchase, we have the ability to test your product to generate the required information you need.  Whether it's testing to established or proprietary standards, Timber Products has the flexibility to meet your needs and we welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.  For more information contact Darin Thompson, Physical Lab Manager at 678-262-7271 or email to dthompson@tpinspection.com.  

  • Sled used to test pallet fork-tine incline impact to ASTM D1185 standards.

  • Large sled used to simulate shipping container movement for performing impact testing to ASTM D880 standards.

  • Vibration testing table used to perform vertical and rotary motion of shipping containers to ASTM D999 standards.

  • Press for performing ASTM D1185 load testing for deflections on pallet deck and pallet bending. The press is also used to simulate compression on shipping containers to perform tests to ASTM D642 standards.