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ENplus Training for Quality Managers

ENplus® is pleased to invite you to its one-day course on wood pellet quality management for the United States, in partnership with BEL – Biomass Energy Lab.  This course will take at Timber Products / Biomass Energy Lab at 1641 Sigman Road, Conyers, GA USA.  For more information and to Register, please click here.

TP Acquires Stafford Inspection

February 01, 2019

Timber Products Inspection, Inc. (TP) is pleased to announce that effective January 31, 2019, they have entered into an agreement to acquire Stafford Inspection & Consulting Services, LLC. (Stafford) which is currently headquartered in Orlando, Florida. 

Both TP and Stafford have been providing professional inspection and certification services for over 50 years and are well recognized in the Industry.   This acquisition aligns with TP’s objective to strengthen their position in the lumber, export wood packaging, truss and log home markets which are their core businesses. 

Jeremy Williams, Controller of TP commented “The management team at Stafford has always been committed to providing dependable services and has built their reputation as a solid company based on integrity.  These values are in direct alignment with the values that TP has delivered to their clients.   Our hope is that this acquisition will provide growth opportunities for both Stafford and TP employees”. 

Stafford will operate as a subsidiary of WRD, TP’s parent company, and be headquartered out of Conyers, Georgia. 

    BBQ Pellet Quality

    October 02, 2018

    BBQ pellets for grilling are becoming more and more popular.  Chris Wiberg weighs in on this industry, and whether it's time for development of standards for manufacturing and using BBQ pellets.

    Despite their increase in popularity, there are currently no published standards or any other known guidance for manufacturing and using BBQ pellets.

    To read more, click here.

      Best Practices for Ensuring ISPM-15 Compliance of Export Packaging

      March 13, 2018

      International shipping of palletized cargo generally requires compliance with plant health guidelines designed to limit the spread of pests around the globe.  And if you follow these guidelines (ISPM-15), you can ensure that any wood pallets, crates or dunnage that you manfacture or use are compliant.

      To read the complete article, click here.

        TP Laboratory Services Video

        March 06, 2018

          Case Study: Matrix Gemini LIMS Helps Biomass Energy Lab Deliver Accurate Test Results In A Timely Manner

          August 15, 2017

          The introduction of a specifically configured Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) has transformed the efficiency of a busy biomass lab. Eliminating the use of spreadsheets for sample tracking has simplified data retrieval while other LIMS functionality has facilitated ISO17025 compliance. 

          Read the article here.

            TP & CSI Merger

            May 03, 2016

            Timber Products Inspection, Inc. (TP) and the Canadian Softwood Inspection Agency, Inc. (CSI), dba Macdonald Inspection Services (MI), are pleased to announce that effective May 3, 2016, the two companies have merged.  This merger joins two companies with high level auditing and testing resources with the intention of providing innovative and professional services to clients in both the U.S. and Canada. 


            TP and CSI hold similar business philosophies which include a high level of customer service, visible product recognition, leading edge auditing & testing services, and overall commitment to quality.  David Reekie, President of CSI, and his staff will continue working with CSI’s subscribers, and the merger will provide additional depth in products and services for growth into the Canadian market. 


            Jay Moore, President of TP, adds “As consolidation and technology continue to shape the wood products industry, the need for consistent and focused inspection, testing, data collection and data reporting becomes even more important.  With this merger, we can offer our subscribers additional depth in resources and innovation to service their needs.”  Moore states, “David Reekie has built CSI and Macdonald Inspection Services to be leaders in several facets of wood products inspection including lumber, utility pole & cross-arm, commercially treated products, and wood packaging.  These service areas align seamlessly with TP’s core businesses and together offer unified value to both American and Canadian clients with unrestricted access.”


            David Reekie says, “I have a great deal of respect for Ronnie Williams, Jay Moore, and the team they have assembled at TP. This merger will provide CSI with the support and resources necessary to expand the exceptional services we already provide to the wood products industry in Canada.”  Reekie goes on to say, “Although we have had an amicably competitive relationship with TP over the past 20 plus years, we have always worked side-by-side to provide a consistent, fair, and reasonable approach to the delivery of service to our wood pole and preservative treatment clients. This merger will expand that relationship to include our current and future sawmill, secondary manufacturing, heat treatment, wood packaging, and wholesale clients”. Reekie adds, “Macdonald Inspection Services will be celebrating its 50th anniversary later this year and this merger will ensure that the name and internationally recognized trademark will remain for another 50 years.”


              Meeting Update

              February 19, 2016

              AWPA Executive Committee Meeting Update

              The AWPA Executive Committee (EC) has ratified proposal T05-T2-U1, which dealt with the requirement to use ground contact retentions in above ground applications under certain circumstances. The effective date will be the publication date of the 2016 Book of Standards. According to AWPA, the expected publication date is May or June 2016.

              As a reminder, ICC-ES adopted this proposal into AC 326 at its October 2015 meeting in Birmingham, AL. The implementation date for ICC-ES products is July 15, 2016.

              TP will continue to keep you updated on any new developments.


              New Treating Supplies Price List

              In February,TP updated its Treating Supplies Price List. The updated list will be distributed to plants along with their monthly inspection reports. If you would like an additional copy, please contact Robin Buckner at rbuckner@tpinspection.com



                Timber Products Training Services

                October 19, 2015

                TPTS stands for Timber Products Training Services. TP offers hands-on grade rule training. TP specializes in bringing our services onsite to work with your employees. We use a combination of classroom training and hands-on lumber sampling to maximize the experience. We offer levels for beginner and intermediate graders. We also have a training course tailored for your sales team, so they can know the basics of the grades in addition to the rules of the road regarding transaction disputes.

                TPTS could also stand for Timber Products Technological Services. TP is proud to announce our services for full grade optimization support. Have you ever made a price change in your grade optimizer and ended up with a shed full of a product that you didn’t intend to produce? If so, you probably fixed that problem in a hurry, but what about all of the other smaller collateral problems that stem from tweaks to the settings along the way? Our new service will provide a comprehensive (Current State) review of the entire optimization process, focused specifically on making sure our subscribers are maximizing the value of their grade optimization. TP delivers this service on-site and will provide the tools and training necessary to ensure that your staff can sustain the knowledge and technical skill-set needed for the continuous improvement of grade optimization. In addition to this initial service, TP will extend its partnership with subscribers by providing a single mill or multi-mill auditing program focused on your specific, “Key Business Metrics” to further ensure sustainability.

                Tad Cleve is spearheading our TPTS technological initiative. Tad’s resume includes many years working with NewSouth/Canfor in dry end management, regional quality control, and continuous process improvement using tools such as six sigma and lean manufacturing. Want to hear more about this? Get in touch with us!


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