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Timber Products Training Services

TPTS stands for Timber Products Training Services. TP offers hands-on grade rule training. TP specializes in bringing our services onsite to work with your employees. We use a combination of classroom training and hands-on lumber sampling to maximize the experience. We offer levels for beginner and intermediate graders. We also have a training course tailored for your sales team, so they can know the basics of the grades in addition to the rules of the road regarding transaction disputes.

TPTS could also stand for Timber Products Technological Services. TP is proud to announce our services for full grade optimization support. Have you ever made a price change in your grade optimizer and ended up with a shed full of a product that you didn’t intend to produce? If so, you probably fixed that problem in a hurry, but what about all of the other smaller collateral problems that stem from tweaks to the settings along the way? Our new service will provide a comprehensive (Current State) review of the entire optimization process, focused specifically on making sure our subscribers are maximizing the value of their grade optimization. TP delivers this service on-site and will provide the tools and training necessary to ensure that your staff can sustain the knowledge and technical skill-set needed for the continuous improvement of grade optimization. In addition to this initial service, TP will extend its partnership with subscribers by providing a single mill or multi-mill auditing program focused on your specific, “Key Business Metrics” to further ensure sustainability.

Tad Cleve is spearheading our TPTS technological initiative. Tad’s resume includes many years working with NewSouth/Canfor in dry end management, regional quality control, and continuous process improvement using tools such as six sigma and lean manufacturing. Want to hear more about this? Get in touch with us!


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