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Export Wood Products: IPPC Heat Treatment

IPPC-HT-DUN-stampIPPC-HT-stampHeat Chamber
  • At Timber Products Inspection (TP), we know the treating industry. As the largest independent agency for treated material in the industry, numerous facilities nationwide turn to us for our expertise. Ours was one of the first programs to certify pest eradication treatment through heat or fumigation and official monitoring of WPM.

    Why is TP’s program the best?

    • TP is the largest provider of heat treatment certification services.
    • Our heat/drying systems technical expertise is unmatched.
    • We offer 60 full-time field inspectors nationwide and in Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
    • Our professional staff knows the lumber and pallet industry, we stay up to date on changes and updates in the market.

    Our value-added services are designed for you; bundle your heat treatment services with wood contaminant testing, fumigation certification, pallet quality assessment, pressure treating, lumber grade stamping and more. You’ll get the best service, all from one company.

    TP’s time-tested services include instant turnaround from contract to onsite stamp creation to stamp access. You’ll also receive the best information regarding access to certifying stamps, training on stamp use and record keeping, technical assistance, and export compliance consultation. All of this with the backing of a full service, nationwide organization.

    TP’s east and west coast offices are ready to answer your questions and work for you. We go above and beyond, offering industry news as it happens. We do our own stamps and kiln qualifications, and are inspectors are local – they’re ready when you need them! Call us today and find out how we can work for you.

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